Over 35 years ago we produced our first festival, The Women's Affair Exposition at the Miami Beach Convention Center.  Less than 600 people showed up, and the event was a flop. Since then we have learned a few things and have successfully produced over 300 festivals. The festivals vary in size from 3000  to over 50,000 consumers. Prior to the pandemic we were producing 18 events and festivals per year in 4 states. In 2022 we will produce 5 festivals - Miami Wine & Spirits Festival, Wynwood Wine & Spirits Fest, St. Augustine Country & Craft Festival, St. Augustine Craft Beer Fest, Miami Wine Festival and our largest event, the Coral Gables Art & Mega Festival with over 35,000 consumers attending.

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Mario R. Pi - Events & Festivals -- 35years experience

Robert Burnie - Marketing - 25years experience

Denise Righetti - Activation & Culinary Tours - 22years experience

Emmanuel (Manny) Trejos - Liquor Marketing & Sales  - 11 years

Andrea Talent & Management - 10years

Alicia Wilson - Hospitality/Bar/Bartenders 17

Linda Pacon - Operations 27years



T: 305-812-7626